What we believe in

Zeroviolenza reads social and economic dynamics through the relationship between men and women, and between different generations focusing on the value of the identity of every human being and the transformation of the life experiences of people from every social group, condition and geographical origin.

it promotes a social conscience that recognizes the cultural and sexual identity of men and women, and of their freedom of choice both in home environments and in social and political ones.

it believes in defense of labor, culture, food and natural resources as fundamental collective  tools in preventing violence and managing of the evolution of personal and social conflicts.

What we do

Zeroviolenza.it is a independent information project that intends to build a culture of accountability in the relationship between adults and children, children and adolescents, as an essential key to the understanding of dynamics and social conflicts. Preventing violence is also to create the conditions for good growth, allowing people to become able to recognize difference as an enrichment in exchange with others.

it publishes original editorial content, and each morning by 9:30 am publishes a wide press coverage of the leading national newspapers.

Zeroviolenza Onlus is a education project that deals with adults who take care of children, and teenagers, moving from information to education. With the aim of helping the parental couple to recognize the individuality of their children and to make educators more aware of the needs of childhood and adolescence, as well as their own needs, concerns, and educational functions.

How we support our project

Zeroviolenza.it is an independent project, it is supported thanks to donations from citizens, men and women, and dell'8xmille the Tavola Valdese.

Zeroviolenza is the continuation of the experience of Zeroviolenzadonne born on the 6th of February, 2009 (read the editorial by Monica Pepe and the article by Loredana Lipperini).

From February 2010 Zeroviolenza.it is part of the social network in order to offer a platform of interactive and trustworthy information to whoever feels the need to freely and responsibly express their selves on such themes. As of today we count up to 6400 Facebook likes on our page.

From November 2011 a Twitter account has been opened and it counts over 5000 followers.

Courses and meetings in public schools 2014

From Wednesday 5th February, Rome
Adults training course (teachers and parents) in nursery, elementary, and junior high schools
Title: Adults learn, adults teach the relationship between women and men in the areas of Torre Maura, Casale del Finocchio, Tor Bella Monaca, Centocelle.
Where: Rome

Friday 17th January, Giulianova (Te)
Meeting with students from “Istituto Professionale per i Servizi Commerciali Turistici e Alberghieri
Meeting with the students from “Liceo Scientifico Marie Curie”

Institutional activities 2013

- October 2013 Zeroviolenzadonne.it has been selected among the best European projects on the theme “Media and Gender” according to a research conducted by EIGE – European Institute for Gender Equality. Results can be seen at the page of the Institute http://eige.europa.eu/good-practices/women-and-media.
- October 2013 Zeroviolenza participated to the meetings organised by the V Commission of the Regional Council to draft a legislation proposal on Gender-based Violence in the Latium region.
- November 2013 Zeroviolenzae participated to the sub group “Communication and representation of women in the media” created within the Violence Against Women Task Force. It is a self regulatory code containing recommendations to monitor the representation of women in the media, promoted by the Minister of Economic Development.

Public gatherings and previous debates

Monday 21st October 2013, Rome
Title: “Contrasting Domestic Violence”
Meeting with delegation from Baroness Scotland EDV (Eliminating Domestic Violence) c/o British Ambassador residency
Where: Rome

Tuesday 11th June 2013, Rome – Italy
Title: Zero violence: comic book presentation “Io sò Carmela”. Meeting with the author Alessia di Giovanni, local women shelters, family planning clinic, associations, zeroviolendonne, grassroots organizations
Where: Rome

Monday 27th May 2013, Venice – Italy
Title: Workshops with high shcool student from Foscarini institute
Where: Foscarini Insitute, Venice

Thursday 24th May/Friday 25th May 2013, Marigliano (Neaples) – Italy
Title: Generation Zero violence against women. Workshops with high school students
Where: Marigliano

Wednesday 16/17th January 2013, Vilnius Lituania
Title: From practices with potential to good practices in promoting gender equality in the area of women and the media
Where: European Institute for Gender Equality

Monday 26th November 2012, Bari – Italy
Title: Gender glances: experiences, representations policies to contrast gender-based violence
Where: Council Hall municipality of Bari

Tuesday 30th October 2012, Rome – Italy
Title: Serbian and Italian Journalists meeting organised by Zeroviolenza.it in partnership with Serbian embassy to discuss how Serbian and Italian press deal with gender and discriminations
Where: National Federation of Italian Press

Thursday 25th October 2012, Rome – Italy
Title: Not on my body
Where: CGIL

12-15 July 2012 - Italy
Participated to Arezzo Wave with an info stand named “listen to your body”. It has been produced video interviews to boys and girls and adults asking them to freely express themselves on topics such as: sexuality, love, relationships, aids, homosexuality, discrimination and so on. There is a video available at

Thursday 17th Novembre, Rome – Italy
Title: presentation of one issue of Genesis (Italian female historians society) dedicated to violence
Where: International house of women, Rome

Sunday 19th June 2011, Rome – Italy
Title: Between fiction and reality. The role of independent media in Rome
Where: Festa Nazionale della Sinistra

Tuesday 17th May 2011, Marsiglia
Title: Zeroviolenzadonne.it has been presented during the Journalists’ consultation meeting
Where: Eige - European Institute for Gender Equality, Vilnius Lituania

Monday 29th November 2010, Rome – Italy
Title: Collective imagination today, roles and gender stereotypes
Where: Roma Tre University

Wednesday 10th November 2010, Rome – Italy
Title: Zeroviolenzadonne.it: communication as a means to establish another relationship between women and men
Where: XI Borough – Rome

Friday 10th July 2009, Siena – Italy
Title: Violence against women in the public discourse: media stereotypes and politics exploitation
Where: University of Siena

Thursday 9th April 2009, Ravenna - Italy
Title: Different Genres among Genres that are different
Where: “Casa del Volontariato” event promoted by Shelter Linearosa

Other activites

The first article of Zeroviolenza.it daily press review is published also on the home page of Micromega
In 2011-2012 we collaborated with Radio Popolare on a weekly contribution about themes followed by the project


Participated to the drafting of the summary of the CEDAW Shadow Report produce by the group "Lavori in corsa: 30 anni CEDAW”. Participated to the drafting of the summary of the CEDAW Committee recommendations to Italy for the 49th evaluative session held in July 2011 at the UN.

Participated with a chapter to the book “Men against women? The roots of Male violence” edited by Sveva Magaraggia e Daniela Cherubini

Participated to the ebook project What Women (don't) Want - Il web contro la violenza sulle donne 2013"

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